Section 01 – Preamble 

§01.01. We, the members of Iglesia Conexiones, adopt this constitution and its bylaws to maintain unity and order for the glory and service of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ.  

Section 02 – Church Covenant 

§02.01. We agree to live according to the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and his apostles as recorded in the New Testament, to care for each other with Christian love, to encourage each other in the faith, and to follow this constitution and bylaws as members of this church. 

Section 03 – Church Name and Purpose   

§03.01. The name of this church shall be Iglesia Conexiones.

§03.02. Iglesia Conexiones is a church, a religious organization that exists for the following purpose:   

§03.02.01. To promote the biblical Christian faith   

§03.02.02. To teach the biblical Christian faith   

§03.02.03. To help people live the biblical Christian faith   

§03.02.04. To worship together with those of like faith  

Section 04 – Place of Meeting  

§04.01. The church meets in the building of Jessup Baptist Church, at 2862 Jessup Road, Jessup, Maryland 20794.  

Section 05 – Articles of Faith

§05.01. Iglesia Conexiones has adopted The Baptist Faith and Message 2000, published by the Southern Baptist Convention, as its articles of faith.   

§05.02. Moreover, in keeping with the biblical Christian faith, our church affirms and teaches that the only kind of marriage instituted by God for the practice of sexual relationships and the formation of a family is the marriage between one male-born man and one female-born woman. Therefore, all church members shall participate only in this kind of marriage, and all church leaders shall perform weddings only for monogamous, heterosexual, and non-transgendered couples (Gen 2:24, Mat 19:4-6, Rom 1:25-27).  

Section 06 – Church Government   

§06.01. The church is governed by its active members, who may freely propose items and vote according to the faith, the rights granted in this document, and their conscience. 

Section 07 – Church Membership   

§07.01. In this document, a member is someone who may vote during church meetings. However, only the votes of active members will be considered during church meetings. The votes of inactive members and of anyone who has abandoned membership will not be taken in consideration.  

§07.02. The requirements for membership in the church are:

§07.02.01. To haveprofessed faith in Jesus Christ

§07.02.02. To have undergone baptism by immersion (credobaptism),

§07.02.03. To agree with the church’s articles of faith,

§07.02.04. To not be undergoing church discipline in the previous church

§07.02.05. To be at least 18 years old.

§07.02.06. To have participated in church activities for at least six weeks

§07.02.07. To be interviewed and recommended by a leader of the church

§07.02.08. To be approved by the church council

§07.03. Exceptions to these requirements must be approved by the church council.  

Section 08 – Maintaining Membership  

§08.01. A member who regularly attends church will be considered an active member. Attendance will be estimated by the council of the church, but members are invited to notify the council of their attendance in teh best possible way.

§08.02. Any member who has not participated in church activities for eight weeks without giving notice to an elder or giving reason for his absence will be considered an inactive member. The church council may grant exceptions for military service, college, weather, quarantines, shut-ins, etc.  

§08.03. Any member who is undergoing church discipline will be considered inactive for the duration of the discipline.  

§08.04. An inactive member may be restored as an active member if he wishes to be restored as an active member and attends church activities for three consecutive weeks.   

§08.05. Any inactive member who has not participated in church activities for eight additional weeks without communicating with the church leaders or giving reason for his absence will be considered as having abandoned membership.   

§08.06. Anyone who abandoned membership may be restored as an active member if he wishes to be restored as an active member and attends church activities for six consecutive weeks.  

Section 09 – Fellow Believers  

§09.01. Iglesia Conexiones recognizes those who profess faith in Jesus Christ and live according to his commandments as brothers and sisters in Christ. Our fellowship is extended to you, and you are welcome to participate in our public activities. However, if you would like to participate in our voting process, we ask that you become a member of this church.

Section 10 – Church Leadership   

§10.01. The leadership of the church is composed of the following offices:   

§10.01.01. Senior Pastor (the overseeing elder)   

§10.01.02. Pastors (elders who have pastoral duties)   

§10.01.03. Deacons (elders who assist in various ways)

§10.01.04. Trustees (deacons in charge of the organizational, financial, and legal aspects of the church)  

§10.02. Consistent with biblical doctrine, the pastors of the church (including the senior pastor) and the elders of the church shall be men, not women.

§10.03. Nevertheless, women may serve as trustees of the church or deaconesses focused on ministries to women.

§10.04. Women may serve specifically (and, according to their spiritual gifts) to women, girls, and boys younger than fourteen years of age, but not to men; or to audiences composed of both men and women, so long as they follow the leadership of the senior pastor and the elders.

§10.05. The elders, including the overseeing elder, may also serve as trustees of the church. In this case, they are performing a dual role.  

Section 11 – The Senior Pastor   

§11.01. The senior pastor shall be responsible for overseeing and directing the following:   

§11.01.01. The pastors, the deacons (but not the trustees), and the staff

§11.01.02. The ministries of the church (teaching, discipleship, etc.)  

§11.01.03. Approving church members  

§11.01.04. Church discipline  

§11.01.05. Delegating responsibilities as needed  

§11.01.06. Oversee the schedule and program of the church  

§11.01.07. Oversee the operations manual and job descriptions  

Section 12 – The Trustees   

§12.01. Per state law, the church must have a minimum of four trustees.   

§12.02. The trustees shall be responsible for keeping the following:   

§12.02.01. The property of the church   

§12.02.02. The financial matters of the church  

§12.02.03. Budget (projected expenses, projected income, actual expenses, actual income)  

§12.02.04. Accounts  

§12.02.05. Investments  

§12.02.06. Monthly financial reports for the church  

§12.02.07. The legal matters of the church   

§12.02.08. Members’ attendance  

§12.02.09. Minutes from church meetings  

§12.02.10. Church policy  

§12.02.11. Presenting to the church accurate and exhaustive financial reports during the quarterly family meetings 

§12.03. The trustees will need the approval of the council to make decisions concerning these areas.

Section 13 – The Deacons   

§13.01. Deacons assist the ministry of the church in various ways, and they represent the interests of the members to the leaders of the church.  

§13.02. Deacons may be elected to assist in the ministry of the church. The senior pastor will present the need for deacons to the church, and the church will vote to elect deacons.  

Section 14 – The Church Council   

§14.01. The church council will be composed of the senior pastor, pastors, deacons, and trustees.

§14.02. The quorum for the church council will be two thirds of its members.

§14.03. The majority vote will consist of two thirds.  

§14.04. The members of the church council will meet periodically to discuss the life, ministry, and business of the church, and to schedule and plan church meetings.  

§14.05. The church council will assist the senior pastor in exercising church discipline.  

§14.06. The church council may temporarily suspend church leaders.  

§14.07. The church council may appoint an interim senior pastor in the absence of the senior pastor.  

§14.08. The church council may advise church leaders to resign their duties.  

§14.09. The church council may hire and fire staff.  

§14.10. The church council will oversee and direct the trustees in their duties.

§14.11. The church council will approve new members and update the membership status of the members.

Section 15 – Church Discipline   

§15.01. When complaints are brought against a church member, the senior pastor will oversee that the complaints are handled biblically. If the complaints are against the senior pastor, the church council will oversee that the complaints are handled biblically. 

Section 16 – Dissolution of the Church  

§16.01. Should the church be dissolved, the church will use its assets to pay its debt, and any remaining money will be donated to either another Southern Baptist Church or the BCMD. 

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