Breaking with Tradition

Listen to this message and study the word with this lesson. God bless!

Marcelo Carcach

Know God, make friends, find support for your life.

Jesus “was delivered up for our trespasses and raised for our justification.”

(Romans 4:25, ESV)

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Use this lesson for your own study or for a group study. If using with a group, take time to greet each other and welcome new participants. You can also share coffee and dessert while having the lesson.

Part 1.Briefly review the main points of Sunday’s sermon (the main points are marked with an asterisk*), and let the participants review the other points in their homes.

  • God guides us if we pray (Acts 10:9)*
  • He guides us through the work of the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:10-16, 19-20)*
  • He guides us through his word (Acts 11:16)*
  • Despite criticism, we must break with traditions that hold us back (Acts 11:2-3, 18)*
  • and we must obey God (Acts 10:23, 36-43, 10:48).*
  • God also…

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Marcelo Carcach holds a bachelor's degree in English education, a bachelor's degree in Bible, and a master's degree in Christian education. He has served as Christian missions intern, Christian school teacher, youth pastor, and associate pastor of family ministries. Presently, Marcelo Carcach serves as Senior Pastor of Iglesia Conexiones.

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